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Private Sessions

Do you believe you deserve greater happiness and prosperity? Do you seek greater fulfillment and spiritual awareness?

If negative karma is holding you back from achieving your full potential, experience the extreme benefits of one-on-one healing sessions with Paramahansa Jagadish.

Book a Karma Clearing or Ancestral Healing appointment today. Realize the health, wealth and happiness you deserve.

Find out more about Paramahansa Jagadish’s private offerings, available via telephone, Skype or in your own home.

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Host Jagadish

For the perfect balance between a private session and public event with Paramahansa Jagadish, host the master healer for a day or weekend.

If you have space for 50 people and can gain commitments from at least 15-20 attendees, contact us now about a hosting session.

Learn more about the Multi-Dimensional Sacred Healing, Ancestral Healings and Karma Clearings offered by Jagadish.

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Sacred Products

Raise your vibration and evolve your soul with Sacred Ormus (Divine Liquid Light)!

Your body and soul thrive on positive energy that flows freely through your being. Certain mineral elements – M-State Ormus – found in sea water and rocks may help you achieve optimal energy flow.

Find out how Paramahansa Jagadish’s specially-prepared Sacred Ormus (Divine Liquid Light) may benefit you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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Upcoming Events

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